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3:33 Government and Public Services Practice offers deep domain knowledge, skills,
and experienced practitioners who have worked with leading organizations on complex cross-functional solutions.

The steady integration of new technologies (e.g. Cloud computing, social media, mobile technology) into the everyday lives of people, businesses and governments is helping to open up governments and giving rise to new forms of public engagement and relationships that transcend public, private and social spheres.

This new digital environment offers opportunities for more collaborative and participatory relationships that allow relevant stakeholders (Citizens, business and non-governmental organizations), to actively shape political priorities, collaborate in the design of public services and participate in their delivery to provide more coherent and integrated solutions to complex challenges.

The diffusion and adoption of technologies is also changing expectations on governments’ ability to deliver public value. Governments can no longer afford to separate efficiency from other societal policy objectives in the governing and managing of digital technologies.

Our focus is on capturing the value of digital technologies for more open, participatory and innovative governments

  • Using technology to improve government accountability, social inclusiveness and partnerships.
  • Creating a data-driven culture in the public sector.
  • Ensuring coherent use of digital technologies across policy areas and levels of government.
  • Strengthen the ties between digital government and broader public governance agendas.
  • Reflecting a risk management approach to address digital security and privacy issues.
  • Developing clear business cases to sustain the funding and success of digital technologies
  • Reinforcing institutional capacities to manage and monitor project implementation.
  • Assessing existing assets to guide procurement of digital technologies.
  • Reviewing legal and regulatory frameworks to allow digital opportunities to be seized.

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