IT Security Enhancements

We enable you today for security threats of tomorrow.

As intrusions get smarter, the need to protect your digital assets and network devices is even greater. While providing IT security can be expensive, a significant breach costs an organization far more. Large breaches can jeopardize the health of a small business.


How can 3:33 help?

Specifically, Our advisers can help clients to:

  • Information & Data Security

Data security ensures prevention of unauthorized access, use, disruption, modification or destruction of data in storage. With our Managed Security Services (MSS) we can rely on to reduce cost, complexity, and bring technical and business value to your organization.

  • IT Security Architecture & Design

3:33’s security model outlines the requirements necessary to properly support and implement a specific security policy of your business. All aspects of Security Architecture, Security Models, Security Product Evaluation Methods and Criteria are included in our offerings.

  • Encryption Systems

Encryption is essential to help protect your sensitive personal information. But in the case of ransomware attacks, it can be used against you. It’s smart to take steps to help you gain the benefits and avoid the harm. We have the encryption systems and consulting to ensure the write encryptions are in place for our clients.

  • Threat & Vulnerability Analysis

Vulnerability assessment helps in identifying and analysing cyber risks and vulnerabilities in computer networks, systems, hardware, applications, and other IT assets, both on premise and in the cloud. We focus on early and consistent identification of threats and weaknesses in IT security , remediation actions (patching, systems hardening, etc.) to close any gaps and protect sensitive systems and information , addressing cybersecurity compliance and regulatory needs and protecting against data breaches and other unauthorized access.

  • Network Security Evaluation

All organizations with a network are at risk. A Network Security Assessment is a necessity for businesses for several different reasons. 3:33 can help in discovering any external or internal entry points , Identify if a combination of lower-risk vulnerabilities could be exploited in a particular sequence to create a high-risk weakness , Identify security vulnerabilities in application, file, and database servers , Audit and measure the size of potential impacts of successful attacks both inside and from outside of the company and provide evidence to support increased IT investments or network security.

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