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In today’s world, the Manufacturing And Oil & Gas Industry that fail to prioritize digital innovation and disruption will fall behind in the next few years. Today’s market and industry outlook are forcing Manufacturing and O&G companies to re-examine core business capabilities, and explore new ways to execute business strategies in a dynamic and volatile marketplace. Whether large or small, at Local or Global level, digitalization of key operational workflows in Manufacturing and O&G companies will be critical for success in the years to come.


3:33’s industry approach to help clients reinvent themselves to become:

  • More Profitable In A “Lower For Longer” Marketplace​
  • More Productive, Even When Facing A Shrinking Workforce​
  • Renowned For Safety, Regulatory Compliance And Environmental Excellence​
  • Resilient And Able To Grow Within A Volatile Industry Ecosystem​​

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Our mission is to be the complete Digital Transformation Partner for our clients by:

  • Delivering Digital Solutions
  • Optimizing IT Service Operations
  • Consulting in Global Payroll solutions
  • Supporting with staffing solutions

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