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Life Sciences companies need to adapt to the newer technological advancements that are taking place and focus on modernizing their existing systems and processes to navigate through these changes and capitalize on the opportunities. In order to differentiate their products and services in today’s business climate, life sciences companies need to consider leveraging new technologies including Cloud, Mobility, Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and Analytics, Product and Portfolio Management, Asset Management, Quality Management, Environmental Accounting and Reporting (sustainability), Modern marketing processes and solutions, CRM, and Modern Supply Chain solutions, among others.

There are several digital trends that are shaping the future of Healthcare and Life Science companies – all fueled by the need to lower costs, provide a superior and personalized experience to stakeholders, and be compliant with all regulatory mandates. 3:33 with it’s partner ecosystem has the right set of solution offerings, capabilities, and an experienced team with domain and technical expertise that can help payers, providers and life science companies in their digital transformation journey.


The key focus areas in this space are :

  • Better capacity planning
  • Consolidated view of product portfolio
  • Enabling connected devices infrastructure
  • Access to real-world data patient behavior, devices, sensors, transactions, etc.
  • Engaging and communicating with customers across multiple channels
  • Designing and building anywhere to support global operations
  • Adhering to global trade compliance requirements
  • Supply Chain integrity and transparent reporting
  • Better collaborate with partners/suppliers and manage their performance
  • Refocus IT on business optimization by leveraging managed services for day-to-day operational support.

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Our mission is to be the complete Digital Transformation Partner for our clients by:

  • Delivering Digital Solutions
  • Optimizing IT Service Operations
  • Consulting in Global Payroll solutions
  • Supporting with staffing solutions

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