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2019 marks a decade since the global travel, Hospitality & Logistics industry emerged from the depths of economic recession. Over the past ten years, the recovery collided with an economic turning point in global emerging markets— fueling a historic burst in travel demand felt by segments across the travel, Hospitality as well as Logistics industry.

In 2009, the first hotel and airline apps were just hitting the market. Instagram and iPads didn’t exist. Most travelers scoured newspapers and magazines for vacation rentals. Taxis were hailed by hand, and small luxury hotels were among the only businesses that could attempt to create a personalized experience for every guest—and even then, mostly in the physical realm. Perhaps even more remarkable, ten years of travel innovation could be dwarfed in the next three or four.

Digital innovation helped form a lattice for entirely new segments to enter the market—and thrive. Some private accommodation and ride-hailing brands just finding their legs in 2009 now sit side by side with the titans of travel, Hospitality & Logistics Industry.


3:33’s industry approach for supporting Travel, Hospitality and Logistics Industries embark the DIGITAL JOURNEY :

  • Digitization of workflow processes to improve collaboration across disciplines
  • Simplification and automation of work processes to improve workforce efficiency
  • Connect and consume internal data for automated analytics enabling predictions (such as preventive maintenance) and prescriptions
  • Resilient And Able To Grow Within A Volatile Industry Ecosystem​​

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